Chapter 7


"Did Dad find out Alexa tried to run away?"

On our way home from where we captured her, on which she was on Krane’s wolf’s back, Alexa asked Krane to stop by stating she needed to pee. Luis, one of my warriors, volunteered to watch over her.

But not even a minute passed when Krane heard a muffled scream, and when he checked them out, Luis had already pinned Alexa by the tree and was trying to stick his dick into her. And I was satisfied with the punishment Krane gave him.

But while Krane was focused on Luis, my little mate took the opportunity and ran away. We knew she would never be able to run far in human form, but I was impressed with how long it took us to track her.

She ended up almost at the Silver Moon Pack’s border and was seen by Luna Nadia and her men. This was the reason I was able to drive us home in a car instead of running in wolf form.

For safety reasons, Riley, the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack and a friend of mine, offered one of his cars.

From his te
Cassandra M

Thank you for reading! I'm glad to be back and writing again! ♡ Thank you to my early GEM givers: El B, Lovely, Claudine Merlence, jo sm, Gem, Georgette, SSHINE210, kritika sethi, Angela, Christine McCarthy, Grace, Kati Myllymki, gninja2013, QueenAnne, miss proton ♡ And for the early reviews as well! ♡  More tomorrow!

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goodnovel comment avatar
My heart already breaks for Aeon and Alexa, despite all the crap Aeon pulled in the past. And knowing that Alba is mated now too, I so hope Katarina and Alpha Lucas become a thing, if not mated. That is her true crush after all and Lucas is so sweet. It’s not fair to see Alexa suffer.
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Excited you finally started the book! Read all others & loving the storyline for each! ...️
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Karina Vazquez
Amazing story!

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