Chapter 10


My head swung to the phone ringing on Darvin’s desk, and I contemplated if I should pick it up or not. Lately, I’ve been doing some paperwork for the pack, helping Darvin so as not to overwhelm him with pack duties, especially since soon he will be stepping down as the Alpha of this pack.

Soon, I would be claimed by Alpha Aeon of the Blood Moon Pack, and as soon as the union took place, Darvin would step down as Alpha of our pack, the Moon Stone Pack, and Aeon, my chosen mate, would be given the Alpha post, and I would be Luna of this pack as well as the Luna of the Blood Moon Pack.

This mating was nothing out of the ordinary. Aeon and I were entering this union to save our packs, especially mine. And as much as I hated the idea of Darvin not being an Alpha anymore, I couldn’t say no to what he wanted. It is my responsibility as an Alpha Female to step up if the firstborn Alpha is unable to perform his duties.

So here I was, slowly switching my mindset to learn more
Cassandra M

One more coming up soon :)

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Elisa Diy
Hmmm why do i have a feeling that lucas will be katarina fatedmate.....
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Viola Mason
yes, please tell me Lucas and Katarina are mates
goodnovel comment avatar
Yes, so happy that Alpha Lucas and Katarina connected even if only to flirt over the phone! They both deserve happiness. I’m hoping they’re mated to each other and Alpha Aeon is then free of this contract even if it’s next to impossible for Argon to accept Alexa as his sons mate. It will be!

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