Chapter 45


I have been in a bad mood the whole day. My mother confirmed that Alexa was indeed the missing pup of Aunt Suzanne, the one my grandfather has been searching for for the last two decades.

I didn’t meet Aunt Suzanne. Mom said I was only a year old when she disappeared with her fated mate, Archie. She was pregnant at that time. And they never heard of them after that, and it was toiling on my old man’s health, especially now that he was already in his sixties and wasn’t thinking of anything except Aunt Suzanne and her pup.

I should be relieved and overjoyed, but I wasn’t. It pissed me off that Mom wanted to keep it hidden for a while until he was able to reach my grandfather and he could make up a plan on how to take Alexa away from Alpha Aeon’s pack.

Mom told me over mindlink that Alpha Argon had issued a command to kill Alexa if she shifted into her wolf. And because of that, she didn’t trust Alpha Aeon either.

But I did trust Alpha Aeon because my Alpha trusted
Cassandra M

One long one for you, lovelies! Just a little calm before we reach the storm this week. Hang in there, lovelies! The ride will be worth it!  Thank you for all the GEMS, comments, and reviews! ♡

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goodnovel comment avatar
Sebastian told Alexa to stay in Edwards eyesight, don't tell me someone is planning on taking her
goodnovel comment avatar
thank you for letting Titan lead the pack it shows how much they respect him and each other and Jacob the oldest giving thanks to the moon, can't wait to read more on Darvin and his mate
goodnovel comment avatar
Abegail Ma
I’m still holding on hope that Darvin finding his mate will strengthen his wolf and maybe just maybe she will actually have a dormant wolf and they’d be able to stay in the pack. Even if he’s no longer Alpha, I just don’t want his wolf to die! It hurts my heart.

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