Chapter 49


I went straight home after I talked with Alexa. My mom hasn’t reached my grandfather yet since he was out of their territory and, like everyone else, we seldom used our cellphones. So she was still waiting for her grandfather to arrive home, o she could call him on his home phone.

And while we were waiting, I tried to convince her that keeping everything a secret would just blow it all in our faces. First, Alpha Riley would be the first one disappointed if we kept it from him.

Although I understood my mother when she said she didn’t want to foil any plans that my grandfather would come up with if it was already revealed who Alexa was, she was sure that grandfather would rather keep Alexa’s identity until he saw her.

I wasn’t in agreement, but I waited with her after making sure that Beta Dominic was taking charge of the pack house and the Lunas’ security.

After hours of waiting, we finally got the call we were waiting for.

Mom discussed everything with Pops - t
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Thank you and aeon love alexa
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Thankyou Sebastian, thankyouuuu!

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