Chapter 54


I knew something was off when Aeon told me this morning that he would drive Lady Katarina home. I volunteered to do it, but he stated that his father insisted that he drive her home, which was odd. Alpha Argon had never had to instruct Aeon on what he needed to do when it came to females. Even if the one we were talking about was the future Luna of the pack. And from the way Aeon was looking at me, he knew something was odd too.

And it made me more uneasy. With Aeon out of the territory, the responsibility of keeping Alexa safe was now on my shoulder. It was easy if no one could command me forcefully, but Alpha Argon’s using this more often now was not making it easier.

Plus the fact that I saw him come out of the parking lot early this morning on my way to the pack house.

First, he never drove his own car. And if he needed anything from his car, he would usually ask someone to take it for him. And my intuition was right - it has something to do with Aeon.

I went to t
Cassandra M

Just one for today. I don't usually leave a cliffhanger, but... ♡ more tomorrow! ♡

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Deanna Bates
I hate Alpha Argon he just wants her to shift so he can kill her I hope Aeon makes it in time to save his mate and Krane, Holly or Edward can fend off any attacks to her
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kritika sethi
same thoughts
goodnovel comment avatar
COME ON CASS! You can't leave us hanging like this. My nerves. Argon is an AH. I hope all the other alphas arrive together at the same time to rescue Alexa. Including her grandfather.

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