Chapter 57


A loud growl erupted in the air, breaking the silence that enveloped the whole arena. I knew who owned this voice, and it had been the one I’d been waiting for since I stepped inside.

I’ve been commanded not to send a mindlink to my mate, Krane, and not to say a word to Alpha Aeon. So I tried to sneak in. With my hands trembling, I tried to send him a photo instead. I was expecting something to happen to me the moment the picture was sent, but I didn’t care. I vowed to protect my Luna at all costs. And this was the only thing I could do at the moment.

But the Goddess was on my side. I didn’t even feel a single pain. There was a loophole in his command. But the triumph I felt was short-handed the moment I was forced to hurt Alexa. I did my best to be subtle, pretending I didn’t have any skills yet, but with Krane as my mate for over a year now, how could I not learn anything?

But I wish I did better. I should have given her a little more pain to make it look real
Cassandra M

One more coming up in a bit. I'm almost done with the editing for the second one. ♡

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Aeon is going to have to kill his father & end this
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Amoii C
Argon is a p.o s. taunting that girl like that. it dnt matter who she is to his son does his happiness not matter? whether it be a quick fck or an actual bond. as good as his Alpha senses are he should realize that Aeon feels something for Alexa.

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