Chapter 104


I leaned my body against the pillars of the doorway in front of the packhouse, watching as Holly and some of the Omega females fixed everything we needed to take inside the car. I already smelled Alexa, and I knew soon she would be here asking questions.

I had already been up since six o’clock in the morning, and since Alexa didn’t have anything scheduled for this morning, she decided to sleep more, which was convenient for me for the things I had in mind for today.

"What’s going on? Why is there no one in the dining room?" She asked at the same time I heard little footsteps approaching. I didn’t turn around and instead slipped a hand inside my shorts pocket.

"What are they doing?" She stopped beside me, her eyes gazing at Holly by the car in the pack house grounds.

"Good morning, love." I greeted her instead of answering her questions before I moved from leaning against the wall and pecked her temples.

"Where is Holly going? Have you eaten breakfast?"

"We had an early bre
Cassandra M

Here's the second/last one for today :) One more chapter and then we're diving into the epilogues! Thank you for waiting and reading! I will try to wrap up the book tomorrow; if not, it will be on Friday :) Thank you for all the comments, gems, and reviews, lovelies! Please keep them coming! ♡ *Don't forget to use your gems on your favorite books before they expire at the end of the month* 

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goodnovel comment avatar
Ohh no update today.. so i guess everything ends tom :( feeling sad now.
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Jordan Fiest
I’m all caught up now .... Love your books and writing. These are such great stories.
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Hmmmm maybe Edward is controlling his feelings to sierra because Edward what to wait for his fated mate

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