Epilogue 3 - The Alphas

Caleb - 50 years old

Jake - 49 years old

Aeon, Darvin - 48 years old

Riley, Dominic, Lucas - 47 years old

Caspian, Kallan - 46 years old


My hand coiled around the whisky glass in my hand, I have been a retired Alpha now for almost five years and yet I couldn't stop the Alpha in me from aiming for a better world for the future pups of our race. So when the opportunity was presented, I took advantage and grabbed it.

Heading the Council was something I never saw in my future, but after my experience with Clair and what happened with my sweet Catherine, I couldn't turn a blind eye anymore. I had to take the matter into my own hands. I campaigned and asked for support from the Alphas that I knew would always have my back, and they didn't fail me.

Each one of them - Caspian, Riley, Aeon, Lucas, Caleb, Darvin, Dominic, and Kallan - stood beside me as a campaign and petition to be the head of the Council.

And with eight pack Alphas and their former Alphas behind
Cassandra M

Thank you, lovelies, for this wonderful journey! ♡

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Mel Elijah Harper
Awesome book, thank u ...️
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loved every moment of this series x and finally !!! an end to the claiming !!! but I have so much to catch up on ... Will be heading over to the smaller books this week lol x I can't wait for your next series lovely x congratulations x and once again thank you ... for the Alpha and Luna runs x
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Cindy Griffin
Wonderful! <3

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