Oct 17, 2022


For those waiting for my new books:

UNDER THE MOONLIGHT: The Black Shadow Pack Mate Bond Stories, and 

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon

They are already on the Good novel and Bueno vela app. However, like other books, they are not searchable at the moment and not listed under my name (and there is no turnaround time on when they will be available).

In the meantime - you may go to the website and search for the book from there (or my name).  

Add it to your library or click down the book and it will appear in your APP library.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but this thing is also out of my control. And hopefully, you will take the extra step to find the book. This would mean a lot to me. ♡

Thank you, lovelies! And have a good week ahead! ♡

Updated: Check your inbox (PROFILE), all my followers will receive a notification for my new books. You can click from there as well. 

xoxo, Cassandra M

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Dovie Efbabyy
Thank you!!!!
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Dovie Efbabyy
Hi fellow readers! I was hoping someone can give me the title to Jacob and Claire’s book?! I started my read from Alpha Aeon’s book when I started this app and read all books going backwards, and this is the last book-since the glitch issue I can’t find the book. Any help is appreciated!
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