The Alpha's Epsilon
The Alpha's Epsilon
Author: BB


In 392 BC the clan of the Tagrans went to battle with the Ashatans and was almost defeated because of their small size compared to that of the Ashatans. No clan had been known to ever defeat the Ashatan's Vikings, the most ruthless barbarian clan. They were large in number and possessed a large amount of weaponry, rumor said, their king was one of the sons of the king of the underworld.

The Tagran clan who had never gone to war and was known for their peaceful settlement stood their ground and fought with all they had, not ready to give away their land to the Ashatan barbarians.

The harder dey push back the weaker they became, the Tagran's king "ODION" could not bear the pain of watching how his people were dying, this caused him to consult the powerful Witch on the mountain of Dhjara. The witch known to possess a great amount of dark magic, she was feared and whatever sorcery she made, came with a price.

The witch helped the Tagrans by making use of one of the darkest magic ever known. Into each one of the king's seven sons, she placed a powerful beast. Only the seventh son Prince Radulf was strong enough to contain the beast. The other sons perished after being rejected by the beast.

After the ritual, she warned, " With this power comes to a condition, the prince will remain a wild beast on the night of the full moon and he will be filled with rage and bloodlust, whoever he bites in his beast form will become a beast like him if the spirit chooses them."

With the help of the Prince's beastly strength, the Tagrans defeated the Ashatans.

On the night of the full moon, the prince was bound and secured under heavy chains, in order to protect the few people who remained in the clan from the bloodlust as the witch had warned.

As the moon rose, the prince grew powerful and more chains were added to bind him. When the moon reached its peak, the Prince turned into a mighty Wolf and not one chain could hold him down. As a wolf, he went berserk and attacked the few people who remained in the Tagran clan.

Many died that night, leaving behind those who the beast had chosen to invoke.

The Tagrans became the most feared among the clans after defeating the Ashatans. From that day onwards, those overcome by the beast were called werewolves as they were both man and wolf.

The Prince was the most powerful among the clan and was called "Alpha", his second in command was the "Beta". The weak and the less strong-willed were the "Omega". The omegas were preyed upon because they were easily controlled and were not strong as they were not fully possessed by the beast. The most significant wolf after the Alpha and Beta were the "Epsilon".

The Epsilons were the peacemakers, healers who could calm a wolf in rage. Epsilons are rare and most times are mistaken for an Omega.


The Ashatan's king, "Oekazi", could not accept the defeat from the Tagran and he wanted to rule again and possess the power the Tagrans had. This made him go in search of the witch on the mountain of Dhjara who was said to have invoked the spirit of the beast into the Tagrans.

"The beast can only be summoned once and his spirit lies with the Tagrans" the Dhjara witch stated to king Oekazi.

"Give us a beast more powerful than that of the Tagran's," demanded the Ashatan's king.

"The price to be paid will be greater than that of the Tagrans" the Dhjara witch warned

"do whatever it takes" replied Oekazi

... So a blood sacrifice was made to open the portal to the underworld for the rising of the blood demon VHAMPHAYA. A demon who is known for his unquenchable thirst for blood.

VHAMPHAYA rose at the darkest hour of the night, and a blood ritual was completed. All the Ashatan's women, children, and slaves were given up for the blood sacrifice in order to quench the thirst of the demon.

In exchange for the blood sacrifice, VHAMPHAYA gave out three vials of his blood which was taken out of his life force. As the dawn was breaking, VHAMPHAYA returned back to the underworld and the portal closed behind him.

The first vial was given to the first Prince and after ingesting, he began to convulse, with his body changing forms. A while later, he became still and rose up filled with bloodlust like the demon from the underworld.

He attacked the guards at a speed none of them saw him move, he drained them so fast that none of them reached the door for their escape. Only their scream was heard as Oekazi and the rest of the clan stood outside waiting for what the Prince would turn to. After his hunger had been sated, the Prince came out to show his father the kind of power coursing through him. Just like his father, the first Prince was obsessed with power and was ruthless about obtaining it.

With his face in form of that of the Vhamphaya demon, the Prince came out to meet his father in the middle of the field, moving at a blinding speed that none could follow his steps.

On reaching his father in the middle of the day, his body busted up in flames, with his roar of agony echoing through the mountains. Right before his eyes, Oekazi watched his son burn, and before anyone could cover him from the sun, he turned into ashes.

The agonizing death of the prince did not stop Oekazi, instead, he took more precautions, seeing that the sun didn't agree with the power he sought, the second and last vial was opened in the night.

To his second son, he gave the second vial and to his last child who was a Princess, he gave the last vial. They were both fed blood after their rising and unlike the first prince, only their eyes changed. The Princess's eyes were as red as a ruby, while the Prince's eyes were dark as onyx.

The Prince was very powerful yet sensitive to the sun. He could move as fast as the wind and as days passed, he gained and discovered more powers, but the Princess showed no power, and her strength remain like that of a human. This angered the king as the days passed by, concluding that the vial was inactive in a female.

Seeing as there was no change in the Princess on the third day, Oekazi called the Princess for his decision "What is the purpose of a weak female in my clan, I should have taken the vial myself. You are nothing but useless. Throw her out in the mid of tomorrow's day" king Oekazi ordered the death of the Princess due to her weakness.

In the mid of the next day, the Princess was dragged out of the darkened tent by the Ashatan soldiers and was placed where the sun was shining brightest, but nothing happened to the Princess. She was not turned to ashes as the king thought, but rather she became stronger as the sun shone brighter and freed herself from the guards. The strength the Princess displayed made the king pleased because he now owned a weapon to be used the day and night.

All the royal families were put into transition to become like the Prince. The majority of the royal family were turned by the Prince while the Princess was used in turning a selected few. The transition of the Princess was deadlier, very few could survive her bite. The rest of the Ashatans were used as blood slaves.

The Ashatans were called Vampires because they were followers of the blood demon VHAMPHAYA and he lived through them.

Those who were turned by the Prince were called vampyre (the nightwalkers), and those turned by the Princess were called vhampire(the daywalkers).

The battle between the Ashatans and the Tagrans continued and the malice between the two clans grew stronger. The immortality of the two clans allowed an eternity of hatred.

To date, the battle goes on.......

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