Chapter one

Lord Alpha

The Ashatans, who were now called vampires, have been enemies to my people for many centuries. They want to become the only and most powerful supernatural being. If I had not gotten to the rescue of the northerner wolves in time, they would have eradicated them all.

The Ashatans had bred more Day walkers by entering the human world, luring them with unimaginable powers and turning them against one another. Those who couldn't be lured were forcefully taken as false brides and this has led to the waste of more human life, their blood spilled by the Ashatan Princess in order to increase the daywalkers in the Vampire coven.

We are always at constant war, everywhere I go involves several killings of vampires, sometimes wolf gone Rogue, and most recently Rippers, a group of wolf defying nature with the use of vampire blood and that of several supernatural beings.

The constant change into my berserk wolf form is gradually reducing any form of humanity left in me. In replacement to every shred of humanity lost is a void deep enough to keep me in a permanent form of the beast. This scares my people, they neither know who they are talking to, whether it's the primal beast or the man.

Every wolf feels the void, those overcome by it either lose their mind taking on the unquenchable rage of the wolf or get saved by the only person meant to fill the void. 

Mate. A strange word to me, soothing music to those lucky enough to have found one.

For centuries I had seen the joy a wolf derives in the solace of his mate.

My Beta, Damon, who is in charge of the politics and business in the Wolf court, spends his free time, most especially during the full moon with his mate, Aayah, the strongest witch in all the wolf clans and a descendant of the witch on the mountain of Dhjara.

Aayah, a powerful white witch, aided the Wolf race by finding an alternative to the bloodlust during the full moon. A deed that saved the wolf race from killing others or themselves.

Instead of a killing rampage during the full moon, Aayah found an alternative with a strong and potent potion made with the use of an Epsilon's blood mixed with a drop of mine, drawn when in my wolf form. This portion tames the beast within and reduces the effects of the full moon, some use it to tame the beast permanently.

As the Alpha, I spend more of my time at the battlefront, while my Beta takes care of the business and politics.

A decade ago, a strange thing happened, for some seconds which felt like an eternity. I felt a connection which some refer to as mathièt. A deep calling between mates.

I was at the war front fighting against the vampires when all of a sudden I fell on my knees, my ears buzzing, heart-pounding, and my very soul became overpowered by pain and deep sorrow. A sorrow so intense it caused me to roar out in pain, it was as if I'd lost something dear to me, but I knew that was impossible because all that's dear to me was dead, killed by me.

For those blinding seconds, I would have lost my head if my enforcers hadn't paused to the command in my roar. After the brief connection had faded away, I realized it wasn't my emotion but rather that of my mate. Filled with rage, I had killed all the vamps that were near me because I knew no matter how strong the emotions were, it wasn't strong enough to locate my mate. Having a mathièr before meeting your mate is a form of torment, knowing you have someone to protect but powerless to be there for them. Since that day, I had been experiencing emotions that weren't mine and for those years I've been searching for her, because if I don't find her on time, the wolf race would be in great danger.

With the increased amount of attack in the Southern clans, more wolves have been rumored to go berserk from their fights with the vampires. The Enforcers have been called to the south to help in the fight against vampires and because of the increasing amount of abnormalities rumored to be happening, especially the making of hybrids, my Beta advised I oversee the problems personally.

As the head of the Enforcers and Lord Alpha, before being introduced to a new area, I like to roam around and familiarize myself with the area, which is why I'm in my wolf form running around the wild of the south and sniffing the air to accustom my wolf to the area.

Unlike the northerners, the south clan is very close to the human world. The portal demarcating the boundaries of the humans in every clan must always be kept strong so as to make sure the humans don't know of our existence.

Most times we enter or pass through the human world, some stay there to avoid other supernaturals like them, but at the same time, they face the wrath of a group of humans called hunters who are aware of our world and are doing their best to eradicate anything supernatural from their world.

There are four major portals in the four regions of the wolf clans. The North, South, East, and West. Each region guards the portal and to them, I'm the Lord Alpha.

As I was marking the area in the south, a sweet scent caught my attention and as I inhaled deep, I caught tendrils of an intoxicatingly sweet and powerful aura. An aura strong enough to make my wolf whine. Without another thought, I raced towards it, eager to know the source of it. The closer I got, my beast struggled as if it was being compelled to take charge in response to the powers emitting from this aura. From the intensity, I knew it was close by.

On getting to the side of a river, my eyes had immediately focused on a figure looking deep at the flow of waters as she was walking towards the cold river without a care about how freezing it might be.

As her feet touched the tip of the river, she groaned and shifted back, but with a renewed determination, she moved her legs further into the flowing rivers. To my amazement, steam started rising from where her leg touched the river.

Trying to know what kind of supernatural being she was, I tried connecting with her telepathically but was thrown back with full force. She sighed and dug her legs deeper into the now heated waters. Seeing as she never tried to find who tried to breach her, it was obvious she wasn't aware of the telepathic block she just did. I attempted speaking into her mind and willing her to turn as a test and she obeyed immediately. This showed she had wolf blood and every wolf would always obey the command of the Lord Alpha.

As she turned towards me, I was surprised to see a young girl with thick black hair covered in blood. There was a strong Shensei emitting from her. A shensei like no other I've ever seen. It emitted bright for a second and dime like it was never there. As an ancient, it's easier for me than others to know the magic of a wolf and this wolf has a very unique shensei possessed by no other wolf I've met.

The minute her eyes found mine, my beast responded, entranced and hypnotized. For the first time, the beast was calm while in control, and from the way he seemed to be on alert about this female, I knew he was just as intrigued as I am about this strange being.

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