Chapter Four

Jasmin's POV

The minute I heard the gunshot, I was filled with urgency and a great sense of loss. The hold of his command broke immediately. I ran as fast as my feet could take me because the thought of this male dying almost put me into a rage. The strong emotion I feel towards this stranger still surprises me. He's new to this territory and a strong Alpha. No ordinary Wolf can single-handedly kill a dozen of vampires without sweat or help.

Though I knew he would soon wake, I needed to get him to safety, before more leeches returned.

The vamps were getting stronger and stronger, their force was terrifying. The vamps were attacking every clan in the south and kidnapping some wolves for experiments. Those kidnapped for this experiment were cut and tortured. The ones that survive were completely damaged, permanently assuming the wolf form unaware of their human state.

With the use of dark sorcery, some of those experimented on had been used to fight the packs. It was said that the vamp's witch, Dhjara, was looking for an Epsilon who could be used in enslaving the wolf race.

The last Epsilon in the record after not having an Epsilon for the past five centuries was killed by the Lord Alpha - Radulf, after being used by the vampires to control the wolves in the north.

The Epsilon controlled wolves in the north to fight one another; even mates killed one another because the hold of the Epsilon had been strong. The only ones who were not affected by the Epsilon's compulsion were the enforcers. An Epsilon is both the strength and weakness of a wolf pack.

After the death of the Epsilon, the wolves in the North were able to fight and drive away from the vampires. Their force as a united pack was stronger than that of the vampires.

The Alphas in each of the Southern clans have come together to face the issues of the recent vamps attack by calling on the Enforcers.

The Enforcers are a group of ancient wolves with their leader being the lord Alpha and some formidable wolves who knew of violence like no other. Each Enforcer was carefully picked by the Lord Alpha.

The Enforcers are always a great help in the battle against the vamps. Some say they were more beast than man, and their leader our Lord Alpha who is the first Alpha is the bogeyman.

The Enforcers were known to possess unimaginable powers, it was said that some of them possessed the ability to control several aspects of nature. These powers were gained as a result of living for centuries, while some were as a result of being an abominable hybrid.

The Mackenzie clan, my clan, the center and the most formidable clan in the south has been recently turned into a temporary hide out for wolves from every corner of the south. The Mackenzie clan is the largest and the richest werewolf pack in the south and is well known for its brutality. To be a member, you must've seen your share of bloodshed. As an omega in the clan, my work was cut out for me. My grandfather is the Alpha of the Mackenzie clan, but that doesn't mean I enjoy the advantage.

My mother, Mackenzie Alpha's most loved daughter (that's assuming he's capable of loving) among his three daughters, abandoned the clan by running away with her mate a hybrid who she'd met while having her master's degree in biochemistry in the human world. My father who was a hybrid as a result of an abominable coupling between a vhampire (a daywalker) and an Alpha werewolf was immediately tagged as an abomination the moment he was born. My dad loved my mom and me and would go to any lengths to protect us. They both lived in the human world to avoid being discovered even when they knew living in the human brings about aging.

Hunters, who are responsible for eradicating supernaturals, attacked one night. They had killed my father who fought to protect his pregnant mate - my mom. My mum had clothed me with a red cloak of invisibility to protect me from humans and some supernaturals after which she kept me in a hidden place where I had watched it all happen.

"No matter what you see, or how this ends Jasmin, promise me you won't come out of hiding." She pleaded

I had promised her that night and would always regret that I had done nothing to save them. Since then I had become a Vane Wolf, unable to shift.

At the age of thirteen, I watched my parent get murdered and I was unable to do anything about it because I'd been too scared to come out of my hiding spot.

Hoping for a miracle, that night I opened up myself, created a link to my mate, and poured out all I was feeling in the hope that he will hear and come to my rescue - just as the stories my father had told me several times about a wolf's mate. Instead of an answer, all I heard was silence and the echo of how my parents were been tortured. That was the last and only time I'd made the mating call.

The day after, the Mackenzie Alpha sent some of the wolves to return me to the Mackenzie clan. I was thoroughly examined on getting to the clan for any trace of a hybrid gene. When they confirmed I had no trace of my father's vampirism, I was accepted into the Mackenzie clan under the condition that if by any chance I show a sign of vampirism, I will be killed.

As I grew older, I could sense the difference between other wolves and me, but I dare not make it known to others. During the full moon, I would get as far away from the clan as I could because I was not filled with rage or lust like the rest of the clan. Most of my full moon hours were spent by the river bank where I'm sure most wolves rarely venture.

Members of the Mackenzie clan don't like to associate with me because I'm a Dhormot (tainted blood) and looked down upon because I was an Omega who was lesser to them. To the Mackenzie clan, I'm a Vane(a wolf that cant shift), Dhormot, and Omega. These three things have made me an outsider and a freak in my clan. The only reason I'm still allowed to roam around is because of the Mackenzie blood running through my veins.

Radulf's POV

Rising out of the deep sleep she'd put me in, I felt her stroking my head and humming a song while doing so, from the core of my soul I could feel her healing Spirit mending wounds I'd already accepted as part of me.

She had a faraway look and whatever had brought about this sadness in her made my wolf restless wanting to take away whatever it was. Whoever this female was, I want to protect her from all the evil in this world, to claim her as mine and give her all the beautiful things she desires because she brings out possessiveness within me that no woman has ever done before.

"How is it you can heal another?" I asked as I rose from her lap, already missing her touch.

"Thank the gods, you are awake." She said with relief evident in her tone.

"You are the first I've ever tried healing, I've only ever tried this on the birds and animals who tend to surround me when I come into the woods. For some unknown reason I attract wounded animals" She said with pride in her voice.

Who wouldn't be proud of ability this strong, even I, the Lord Alpha, it took me several centuries before I was able to heal another, but still not as fast as she did. With her ability, I could feel the mending of flesh as quickly as magically possible.

Even Epsilons can't claim to be able to heal a poisonous wolfbane without losing a sweat. And judging by her innocent face, a face that hasn't seen the horrors and terrors of the battlefield or that of vamps attack, she should be just a few years below a quarter of a century. At that age, no one should possess this kind of power.

Looking around me, I caught sight of several species of animals lurking in the shadows of the trees, staring at the female beside me with worship clear in their gleaming eyes. Some came near, while others stayed as far as they could for fear of the wolf beside her as they can most likely sense the predator within me. I turned toward her and asked out of curiosity.

"Do these animals happen to surround you whenever you are in the woods?"

"They surround me when I'm all alone in the woods, but some of them who are brave enough lurk around even when I'm around others." She explained.

What a rare beauty and talent in the south. Looking around me as I stood on my feet, I noticed the beauty of the southern clan which was a show of devotion from the southern Alphas.

Everywhere was green with different flowers adding a blast of color to the open area. There were equally soft and hard plains through which a wolf would enjoy running. From marking southern woods, I could easily conclude the MacKenzie clan has the largest clan in the south and it's one of the biggest clans in all the clans I've visited. The houses in it were distributed according to ranks and only the elites possessed the latest technologies.

"Maybe it's because I sing to them most of my mama's best songs or the few ballads I learned from my Pa. Some of the animals especially the birds do tend to increase in numbers once they notice I'm the only one in the woods" She said with a puff on her shoulders and a large smile on her face.

I could stare at her and listen to her voice for eternity. The people she mentioned I know not of, but they must be very important wolves in the lore for her to mention their songs with so much pride. I plan on inviting them all to perform for her after this situation in the south so I can watch the display of happiness on her face - a feeling I know little about.


As we were talking, the animals scattered and I heard some rustling. Not too far away from where we are, were four wolves closing up on us.

"That should be the wolves of my clan," she said with a pause and obvious irritation.

"Since the attack from the vampires, some wolves have been placed in charge of going around the clan in case of vamps attack again." She explained to me.

They walked to where we were, and upon reaching us they changed to their human forms and used their wolf magic to cloth themselves.

Jasmin POV

"Jasmin, what are you doing here at the edge of the clan. This area has been marked dangerous, out of the ban, and is vulnerable to attack from the vamps, and you of all people should know that coming here is disobedience to the Alpha's instructions." Micah, one of the clan's high-ranking guards, said.

"I came here for a swim, after working tirelessly for today," I replied

"Omegas are meant to work tirelessly, or is this Dhormot complaining?" said Raoul one of the newbie guards with a look of disgust in his eyes, while the others laughed as if what he had said was funny.

"Who's the wolf beside you?" Asked their third companion; the only one aware of the Alpha aura emitting from Radulf.

With a vicious look, Radulf stared them down till the wolves fell on their knees whining which was a show of strength from Radulf. "I am your Lord Alpha"

shocked, we all went to our knees.

"The clan has been waiting for you Alpha," said a shivering Micah on his knees with the rest of us after hearing him introduce himself.

Every wolf who has heard of the Lord Alpha - protector of all and our true king as a child, knows how dangerous and deadly he can be when angered.

'What the fuck?' I said to myself. Was I just playing Hanky Panty with the Alpha of all Alphas? No alpha would want an Omega, vane, or a Dhormot around them as a company.

Since I can't smell any Wolf on him, he's not mated. Lord Alpha Radulf is well known for being insatiable. It is said that he doesn't share his bed with a wolf twice.

The south has been preparing for his arrival since the request for the enforcers has been sent.

The daughters of all the Alphas in the south clan are sure to present themselves as the potential to mate to the Lord Alpha since female Wolves tend to submit or get attracted to a more superior Wolf and this wolf is as far as superior can be in the Wolf lore.


The next day, the enforcers arrived, and the remaining clans in the south also arrived to partake in the battle between themselves and the vampires.

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