Chapter 54

Raidon watches Leon and clears his throat awkwardly, and at first, I didn't understand until I heard Rhen arguing with Thane by the elevator. The worry I had about Jake was short-lived, knowing I now had to deal with an angry Alpha.

"It's not her fault," Rhen growls, and Leon jumps away from me. Raidon peers down the hall toward the small lobby before his eyes dart to me nervously.

"She tried to leave and has no trouble controlling herself around us. She is bloody lucky she didn't send him into a rut!" Thane roared. I blinked, and my stomach sank. Was everything in there for the sake of Jake challenging him?

His fury was written all over his face when he suddenly appeared in the doorway to the kitchenette. "If you pull that shit again, I will hand you over to the authorities," Thane snarled at me, and I took a step back. I swallowed down the sickening feeling that was clogging my throat.

"Fucking Omega's! You and your stupid fucking hormones making you act like a–"

"Enough, Thane.
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