Chapter 55

I chew my lip, wondering if I am allowed to leave when I don't have my suppressants. But after speaking with Thane and apologizing for earlier, I felt a little more at ease. "How far is it?"

"Just down the road, and we will go by car. No one will catch your scent," he tells me when Rhen walks out of his office, he stops looking over at us.

"Aren't you supposed to be working?" he asks, about to knock on Thane's door. Raidon holds up the bag he is holding. Rhen's eyes darted to me, and he sighed.

"She's not going anywhere smelling like that," Yet when Raidon doesn't move to leave, Rhen's eyes flick back to him. He raises an eyebrow at his mate.

"I said no! Zara, go wait in my office before this fool thinks it is a bright idea to take you down the main street smelling like sex on legs," I peek up at Raidon, who is glaring at Rhen. When Rhen's eyes reach my ears, making me jump.

"Now, Zara," he growls, and I jump to my feet only for Raidon's arm to snake around my waist, and he pulls me
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Woohoo and it's back! How regularly is this updated just so I can prepare myself...
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When do you post updates for this week?

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