Chapter 57

Reaching the parking lot. Raidon was waiting in the car, he winked at me as I climbed in. "Heard you got caught?" He smirks and I glare at him. Rhen climbs in the front with Raidon when Thane slides across the seat sitting beside me with Leon on my other side.

"Why are we leaving early?" I ask, and Thane scoffs beside me.

"Are you seriously asking that?" He asks.

"Your little stunt caused quite the stir.They could smell through the air-conditioning vents." My cheeks flame at his words and turn my attention to the front window. As we drive home, I wonder how much trouble I will be in when Thane speaks while leaning across me to turn the radio down.

"Did your parents question you about the blood sample?" Thane asks Raidon, and he nods.

"Did you tell them?" Thane asks and Raidon sighs.

"They won't tell anyone," Raidon finally says.

"I'm not mad; I expected you to tell her. I know how excited your mother will be," Thane says, gripping his shoulder. Raidon visibly relaxes and only to tens
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Michelle King
My heart hurts over this major misunderstanding. I hope it all works out in the end. I love them all together.
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope they believe her when they find the truth out because she can’t run now that the creepy alpha knows where she is, I’m sure he’s has men waiting outside the territory or ready to break in just to get her

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