Chapter 59


Thane is downright evil. I would be fine with another go at my ass, but what he does now is pure torture, and the worst part is that he hasn't done shit yet, and I already feel like my balls will explode if he doesn't remove the damn cock cage.

Of all the things he could do to me, he had to go and choose the worst one.

This was cruel, waving a naked Omega before my eyes, and I can't get near her?

He got his point across. I shouldn't have coaxed her into running from Rhen. I knew how potent her scent had been, and the risk of encouraging such behavior could have turned bad if Rhen hadn't caught her. Yet, no matter how many times I repeat that or beg Thane to stop, I know he won't until the end.

I try to shift in my seat to get more comfortable, but the pressure on my erection prevents me from sharp movements. I hate this shit, being denied what I want, and even more, watching Thane take what I want more than anything.

I let out a shaky breath as I watched Zara lie on her back
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Gin Du
If the 4, I really didn’t want Thane to touch her at this stage. I feel like he’s such a jerk that he doesn’t deserve to touch her. Even if it’s just “punishment”.

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