Chapter 60

Zara POV

This was torture. Minutes ticked by, then an hour, and my hips hurt from the awkward position I found myself, my shoulders and wrists ached, and it was getting sweltering hot in here. I shift uncomfortably, and Leon groans.

"Zara, please, don't move. You're making it worse," he groans lewdly before growling savagely.

"Can't you mind-link him?" Fuck, I would beg and plead, kiss his fucking feet if he would undo the restraints. I was becoming claustrophobic, and panic was beginning to make my heart race.

"He is blocking the mind-link, and I think they left the house," Leon moans as I writhe, trying to turn slightly so I don't have to crane my neck to look over at him. He sighs when I manage to shift enough that he wasn't given such an ungodly view of me.

"Did he turn the cooling off?" I ask breathlessly. Sweat beaded on my skin, and I peered over at Leon when he didn't answer. When I did, I found his eyes blood red, his fangs protruding, and he was breathing harshly.

"Your scen
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