Chapter 61

My words fall on deaf ears, and I sigh, allowing her to do as she pleases until they return. Yet the moment she freed me from my pants, she wriggled her hips and sank down on me. I gasp, feeling my cock glide through her soaking wet folds and into her hot pussy. Her walls clamping tight around me, and she moans while I grip her hips.

I can't even remember the last time I fucked a woman. I know it was before Harlow ruined us. Women were useless to me, and I preferred to watch. My head falls back against the headboard as she rocks her hips. Her lips move to my neck as she sucks and licks my skin, and I tangle my hand in her hair, bringing her lips to mine.

I plunge my tongue into her mouth, and she whines into my mouth, her tight walls squeezing my cock, making my need to pound into her tight pussy so much harder to resist.

My fingers grip her hair, and I tug her head back, my lips attacking her neck and moving to her chest. I run my tongue around her hardened nipple before sucking on
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Cindy Probst
I hope everything is ok with your family. I know your little was sick. prayers being sent
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Datavia Jones
I wished it was updated everyday or at least two chapters per update.
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Datavia Jones
Especially since she planned on running ...

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