Chapter 62

Zara POV

Limbs wrapped around limbs. It was hard to determine where one body started and ended. Tangled amongst the sheets and surrounded by potent alpha scents. Every part of their skin that brushed mine was tingling and itching. As if their touch was trying to delve through the layers of my skin and override all rational sense.

I say rational sense because suffocating under their potency seemed to be something I was struggling to grasp as I tried to relay the events that had me waking in bed with the four alphas. The soft, steady heartbeat beneath my ear told me I was laying on someone and that someone was Thane, his masculine scent invading my senses and making my mouth water.

Turning my head, I find Rhen beside us, his face so close, his lips mere inches from mine, where he had his head resting on Thane's shoulder. Sitting up and straddling Thane's waist, the heavy arm draped across my lower back slid off. Peering over, I find Raidon. He rolls onto his back, and I spot Leon besi
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