Chapter 63

The next few days went by without a complaint. Everyone seemed to settle with the idea of Thane accepting me, except me. No, worry gnawed at me each day at work. Waiting for that dreaded email to come through saying they couldn't find my records or the blood test results from Raidon's parents. Thankfully, they were called away and hadn't had a chance to log in and get the results since his grandfather fell ill unexpectedly.

Raidon had been beside himself with worry on the phone with his parents daily. It was strange seeing how close all their families were. Except for Thane, like me, he was also on the outer circle looking in. Yet it was clear he adored all his inlaws, including Leila, who was constantly harassing him for nieces and nephews as she was right now. She wasn't even shy about her demands, even though I was sitting across from her as we all ate lunch in the conference room.

"Have you set up a nursery? What about a color scheme? I can help," Liela asks. Thane sighs, settin
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Deanna Bates
Harlow is stupid why keep this charade up when they’re bound to find out the truth
goodnovel comment avatar
Lyn Dumbleton
Hope we get more chapters today
goodnovel comment avatar
Therese Paulsson
she is so stupid for not telling them she knows they will find out why not tell them her story from the start they wont listen to her if they find out from someone else

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