Chapter 65

Rhen POV

Thane stormed off, and I was shocked by how I hadn't seen the signs before. It made so much sense now. Who she was running from. Of course, she wouldn't tell us. It was us she was running from. All she heard from the moment of finding us was how much hate we had for her, how much she would suffer when we found her. All the secrets she was keeping were suddenly clear and now out there. Everything fell into place, and I was stunned. Yet Thane was murderous. Climbing the stairs, I followed Thane upstairs.

It also explained Alpha Jake's bizarre reaction to her. Harlow was originally his. He bought her first.

"Thane," I called out behind him.

"She lied," is all he said before slamming the bedroom door in my face when I finally caught up to him.

"Thane, we can't just leave her to fend for herself! She is our mate!" I yell at him through the door. I hear him growl before the door is ripped open, and I am face to face with a snarling Thane.

"Then choose, her or me? I hate liars, you
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goodnovel comment avatar
Omg so Zara is alive!! And Thane’s mother didn’t know Harlow has an identical twin so thought it was Harlow! Was Zara trying to rescue Harlow or kill her?? I guess kill her if she framed Harlow up for the murder
goodnovel comment avatar
Call me petty but I loved the fact that Leon scratched Thane’s car lol! It gave me great pleasure
goodnovel comment avatar
Christine Joy Streeting
if that's the case. maybe stick with writing one book at a time instead of have two or three on the go. she needs to think without her readers she wouldn't be getting anywhere.

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