Chapter 69

Thane POV

Sarah wanders into my office without knocking, and I glare at her as she smiles sweetly and places my mug on my desk. I was mentally cursing at hiring the girl. She was too handsy, always trying to touch us, always talking, and I couldn't stand her. But I hired her out of spite because I was furious. And now I was stuck with her. She steps closer to my desk, and I turn my head to look at her.

"What?" I snap at her, and she flinches but plasters that sickly sweet smile on her face that has me internally shuddering with revulsion. She doesn't even bother with suppressants, and it was like she was hoping to send us into a rut. What she didn't realize was that we already had an Omega, and we didn't want another one. Shit, I didn’t even want the one I had, so she stood no chance in hell of getting with my pack.

"Do you need anything else?" she purrs.

"Yes, for you to get the fuck out of my office!" I snarl at her. She pales as my aura smashes against her, and she runs out. I gl
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Wtf do you care Thane!?! You don’t want her!

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