Chapter 92

My heart sputters frantically in my chest. My eyes instantly looked for another exit, yet found none. Thane pulls his hands from his pockets.

"I won't hurt you," he said, and I could feel the guilt emanating from him loud and clear. But he felt guilt when he had me locked down in that den, but it didn't stop him from doing it. I wasn't foolish enough to go running back to it on some false promise of him having a change of heart. He still believes I killed his mother, still believes I ran from them. And I did stab him. Surely he hasn't forgiven that.

"Just hear me out, I can't make things right if you don't let me speak to you," he tries to reason, I was far from reasoning at this point.

"No!" I tell him my voice is more of a savage growl, warning him to back off. Even I was shocked by the ferociousness of it. I wasn't going back to that den, and I would die before I allowed him to take our daughter from me.

"I get that you're angry–" My eyebrow raised at his words. Angry would no

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Never disappointed with your work and you have so many books and completed them so I just wait for big chunks of chapters to be uploaded instead of reading every time a chapter or 2 are uploaded
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Omg I love Harlow
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Marrie Mitipelo
Well... He deserves that. Thane was a dick before he knew she was Harlow, he was So unprofessional, Ungrateful, and a coward, for not firing her outright. He chose torment her. She cleaned up the office... Tidied up their systems... No thank you for cleaning a sty of a place

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