Chapter 94

Thane POV

Harlow refused to be alone with any of us, except Leon. It didn't matter where he went, even for only a few seconds to drop the pizza boxes in the bin she followed. Refusing to be alone with us. I tried not to let it get to me, tried to remind myself that she felt safest with him, but it didn’t help my jealousy or our mates as we watched her with him.

Yet none of us said anything to her about it, we just let her be. No matter how much it killed me watching them, I didn’t push her. By the time the movie ended, she had fallen asleep and Leon went to move not having realized she had fallen asleep on him, so engrossed in the movie that I couldn’t even remember the name of. I was too absorbed by the fact she was here, that I spent the entire time watching her, while festering in my jealousy.

Raidon however, moved before I could and gripped his shoulder as he went to stand. He points to Harlow making Leon look down where her head was in lap.

“Wake her and take her with you. She wi
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Elizabeth Williams
Have you guys ever thought yes your reading this but it also says ongoing….. so read a finished book this women is a mother who has a life outside of writing the books. I love her books and will continue to read them! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
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Elizabeth Williams
She also have a family and a life from writing books I couldn’t even imagine writing working and taking care of my kids I would be totally overwhelmed and exhausted. I love her books and will continue to read them !!!!!!!
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Cassandra Thamer
It's one thing if this book was finished and left the readers at a cliff hanger point until the next book was ready to continue the story, but it's entirely different to have readers pay to read only to wait for chapter updates. You don't walk into Barnes n Nobel and pay for incomplete books.

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