Chapter 95

Harlow POV

A week Later.

Leon and I had just returned home from an ultrasound appointment and were walking through the door when his phone started ringing. He answers it as I walk into the house only to find Thane is home and sitting at the counter reading a newspaper. He sets it down as I make my way to the fridge, and I can hear Leon arguing with somebody on the phone in the foyer.

“How did your ultrasound go?” Thane asks, and I glance at him over my shoulder. We hardly spoke, and I preferred it that way. It was easier to just stay away from him than deal with moodiness.

“Harlow?” he says, and I continue to ignore him, instead grabbing a bottle of water and moving toward the foyer to find out what Leon was so upset over. As I pass Thane, however, he reaches out and grips my wrist, stopping me. I jerk my hand from his grip and glare at him.

“Can you answer me, please? All you do is ignore me,” Thane sighs, wiping a hand down his face, then scratches the back of his neck.

“You can’t
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Comments (85)
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Gillian Blackburn
I like how their pack dynamics have changed. Leon is not the baby, he is responsible and taking charge. He changed his attitude ages ago, by simply looking out for Harlow controlling his baser instincts. This is good for him. Thane thought control and punishment would always work.
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Shanika Lewis
but it's ohkay when she does it but not him? she was willing to take the baby away from all of them despite it being all of their baby yet she had no emotions other than those positive in her favor for the same idea they had for thinking she was going to run away with their baby.
goodnovel comment avatar
Shanika Lewis
at the end of the day everyone is working off emotions.. you can't sit here & root for Harlow & not Thane because he was going through shit just as she was. she manipulated them knowing the truth & could've fought to prove herself like she emitting dominance now. she can't hold the kid away like him

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