Chapter 101

He kissed me again, his tongue tangling with mine as his hand returned to my face, brushing my hair over my shoulder. Through the haze, he steps back, unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes swept over my body, another low groan escaping from his beautiful lips, and desire coursed through me, his gaze making me hyperaware of how much I craved this gentle side of him.

He steps closer moving to stand in front of me. His lips met my already bruised neck from the marks he left there. He kissed. I sighed. He licked. I moaned. He sucked, and I shivered. He nibbled, and I gasped and I got chills when he groaned.

Thane then stood straight, looking at me, watching his hand move over my swollen round belly. I found no repulsion in his gaze, only desire. He ran his fingers over my pussy. It was already wet with slick, embarrassingly so.

Looking at me with a smirk, I could tell he was enjoying the reaction my body and bond were having to his touch. It made me blush, only to cry out when he gripped my h

Hey guys, that is the end of book 2. Please follow my Face book Page Jessica Hall Page for the location to book 2 Omega's possession. Due to certain circumstances, I will not be continuing the series here

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Where is book 1?
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Where is book 2 going to be to read??
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Crystal Dorais
I hope Raidon gets a spanking ....

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