Omega's Possession Chapter 1

I quickly raced upstairs using the back stairwell to change and quickly shower, not wanting another run-in with Elaine However, when I was showering, I could hear shouting downstairs. Thane was losing his mind at someone; I had a sneaky suspicion it was Raidon. Or maybe Elaine. Regardless, I took my time, dreading going downstairs and facing the woman. I hoped Thane meant what he said, that he would get rid of her if she became too much. I did not feel like arguing with that woman or my mates.

Grabbing the hair dryer, I quickly dry my hair before pulling it into a bun. I hope they weren’t expecting a prim, proper Omega because I looked quite the opposite in my purple pajamas with tiny wolves and my rainbow socks. Choosing comfort over the look, if I had to endure this woman, I was doing it comfortably.

Making my way downstairs, the arguing had stopped, and I moved toward the kitchen for once, preferring Thane’s presence over everyone else's; he was muttering under his breath angrily
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goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you Jessica for continuing your story on this app! I didn’t want to have to check another app out because I have too much invested with this one!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
At least Charles can get her to listen. Hopefully she gives Harlow a better apology than that half assed one she gave.
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Gillian M
Looks like Elaine is well and truly a Just No MIL

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