Omega's Possession Chapter 3

We all sat quietly for a second as my mind mulled over what I just learned. No wonder Elaine hated me. She believed I had killed the one woman who saved her.

“I spent a few years in rotation. Hana used to send me birth control until she introduced me to Charles,” she explains.

“And Sofia?” I ask.

“She too was on rotation until she met her mates,” she sighs heavily. “And Harper, we tried to find her, Waylen and Curtis hunted her down for years, we gave up searching for her knowing it wasn’t safe, Curtis was always watching us, following us with every lead we found,”

“Curtis? Is he a member of the council?” I ask, not having heard that name before. Elaine shakes her head. “You never met him? He is the headmaster now of the Omega facility, Curtis Black?” she asks. I blink at her Mr. Black was this Curtis person?

“Waylen Black was his father. He took over after he died,” Elaine tells me.

“So Mr. Black was looking for her?” She sits back in her chair, staring at the bracelet in her hand.
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Danielle Quinn
Just curious, but what if Harlow and Zara are the children of Harper and the guard that rescued her?! It could follow, unless I missed something...
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Creps
How much longer for an update? I really like it.
goodnovel comment avatar
Shenna Andes Wright
Love this book.. waiting on update

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