Omega's Possession Chapter 4

Thane POV

As I followed Harlow up the stairs, I was unsure if this was real or just a figment of my imagination.

Granted, she let me touch her earlier, and well, I did more than just touch her.

Pulling myself out of my jumbled thoughts, I follow Harlow, hot on her heels to my room. Raidon had managed to get the grumpy Leon up, so we could sleep together. When I stepped into the room, our mingled scents calmed me in a way I hadn’t felt in ages, as if I could finally breathe for the first time. As I climb into my usual spot and Radion gets on the outside of me, I watch Harlow slip between Rhen and Leon.

Of course, I would prefer if Harlow slept next to me, but I’m not pushing my luck tonight by demanding her to sleep next to me. I wasn’t going to risk getting banished back to the den to sleep alone again.

However, I can’t help but feel jealous of how she clings to Leon the most. It’s like I’m a damn light fixture in this house - useless and unnecessary.

But it’s alright. Baby steps
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An idea - read only those books that say "COMPLETED" in the description. If reading unfinished book, blame yourself.
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Shanika Lewis
if she can't handle working on 2 stories then DON'T! Work on one at a time since that all your brain can handle. The readers PAYING for the story shouldn't suffer though. that's why apps like this get viewed as scams cause of authors like her with unfinished or half done works out there.
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Shanika Lewis
Harper is Harlow & Zara's mom I bet.

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