Omega's Possession Chapter 5

Harlow POV

Raidon pushes me off him, and I reach for Leon, but he jerks away from me as if I would burn him the moment our skin brushes. Rejection smashes me, and I growl at him in frustration.

"No, Harlow. You know I can't. Don't make me do this!" Leon whimpers, but I still feel that his need for me is just as intense as the need I have for him. He wants me just as much. So why do they keep denying me?

"I won't let you hurt her, Leon," Thane growls at Leon as Leon tries to pull away. Only at the sound of his voice did I notice Thane standing behind him, his hands on Leon's shoulders, and it upset me knowing the only reason Leon hadn't run from me was that Thane was holding him in place.

My blood was boiling, and if one of them wouldn't give me what I wanted, I was going to take it from them, whether they liked it or not, the bond refusing to give up this time until I claimed them. I'm not glass. They can't break me by touching me.

I'm horny and hormonal, and I need one of their dam
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Jennifer A
She posts 3-4 chapters a week, quit being over dramatic.
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Karen Portsmouth
This is a paying platform, we pay to read because we enjoy doing so, and nobody wants to pay to read a chapter a week of a book.
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If you all don’t like waiting for another chapter then why not find something else to read while waiting for this one to build up? Or find a different reading platform? I get not wanting to wait but complaining every time when you know there is a wait is pointless

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