Omega's Possession Chapter 6

Rhen POV

This is the last place I want to be, especially when I can feel my bond pulling me back to my mates. The happiness building in Thane made me feel giddy. I missed them already, and if this meeting didn't hurry along soon, I would cancel it.

He was already ten minutes late, and my patience was waning. However, checking the mountain load of paperwork Leila left on my desk, I found I could no longer concentrate. Thane's arousal smashed me through the bond, and my pants suddenly felt very restricting.

Deciding I could no longer wait for Talon to sort his contract out with his vendor, I got up from my seat and headed toward the elevator. Talon was supposed to meet me here after my initial meeting with a security company looking into advanced technical services.

That meeting went off without a hitch. And Talon knows better than to leave me waiting. Leon could deal with him, I was done trying to sort out his mess. I pressed the button on the elevator, only to notice it was already
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Comments (104)
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Crystal Dorais
Corbin wants Harlow and Talon agreed to it. I just know that happened. But why Rhen though....
goodnovel comment avatar
Omg!!! NO!!! Rhen can’t die!!! Wtf Talon!!! You cause the problem so should be you being shanked!! Now it Also involves Harlow!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
no!!!! please don't die rhen!!

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