Omega's Possession Chapter 62

“Because it is a deterrent, besides if for some reason you had to use it, it may buy you enough time until one of us gets to you,” Thane explains. “Plus, it makes your resistance to Alphas even stronger.”

“But I’m already resistant to command now?”

“Yes, but what if several commanded you all at once, or all of us did? Practicing with your aura, even a weak one, will strengthen the side that obeys. Make you more resistant.” I roll my eyes. It seems like a waste of time to me. It’s not like I went anywhere without them unless it was the refuge, and there I had Leo with me.

Leon stands back up, stopping in front of me. Closing my eyes, I focus on the tingling sensation I felt when Thane used his calling on me. Moments pass when I feel my skin buzz.

“Good girl, now, hold on to it,” Thane tells me, so I know I latched onto the right thing. “Now try to project it, think of Leon, and try to push on his with it.” I do as he says, feeling the spark of touching his aura as it easily fights mine
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Shanika Lewis
thane is just so ...
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Now I wish my husband can do that. Will make it easier for me to fall asleep then!
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Alanna Hawkes
love these books from start to finish

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