Omega's Possession Chapter 66

My entire body ached when I woke up the following morning. Every part of me hurt as arms slipped beneath my body. I didn’t want to wake up yet. I was quite content in remaining in bed all day, but knew that wasn’t an option. Water rushes over me before I am submerged in the water, making me hiss at the sting.

“We have the council meeting today. They’re part of the agreement babe. We can’t miss them, or I would have let you sleep,” Rhen tells me as he sits with me in the bath.

“Where is Thane?” I mumble, wetting my face and trying to wake up. “Making you something to eat, Raidon is feeding Scarlet and Leon went in to get more formula and nappies,” Rhen tells me and I nod my head, leaning back against Rhen. I reach for the loofah.

“My heat felt different this time,” I mumble, trying to wake up.

“Yes, we know. Thane thinks it’s the serum enhancing it.” I figured as much because usually, the pain was excruciating. However, this felt different, more like a craving, and desire more than pa
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