Omega's Possession Chapter 67

It would throw people off. I was Omega initially giving me enough time to escape, hopefully, since Omegas can’t use an aura or command, that would make them waiver and second guess what I am as long as my pheromones didn’t get in the way.

It reinforced the need to practice. Thane pulls me to the center of the room and Raidon drags the coffee table out of the way. “Okay, just like yesterday,” he tells me, rubbing my arms.

Closing my eyes, I try to pull on my aura, searching for it. My heat the other day seemed to do the trick though because since then I have been more aware of the light buzzing of my skin, the essence behind it.

“Good Lowe, now push on mine,” he tells me and I focus on projecting it, feeling it try to force over him, his aura making mine buzz as it fought to flicker out when it draws it out further.

“Now, try to get me to submit,” he says, and I almost roll my eyes at him. That would not work. Maybe by some miracle, I could make him sit but submit. Not a chance. His al
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I agree that your books are very emotional and moving evoking every emotion!!
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Bridget Marquis
I'm crying. I love these happy endings. Your stories always move me!

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