Just over 1 year later.

All our family stood in the backyard gathered around the table covered in food and presents. It was Scarlet's second birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Scarlet. Hip hip hooray.” Everyone sang as Scarlet leaned forward, lips pursed as she tried to blow out the candles. Thane standing behind her, helps her. She claps her hands, he fixes her party hat on her head.

“Who wants cake?” Thane sings out. He spent two days making that unicorn dinosaur cake for her that she insisted she wanted. It had a T-Rex body but a unicorn head and horn. The twins waddle over to Thane as he helps Scarlet cut the biggest chunk, her curly dark hair blowing in the breeze as he sets it in her bowl.

The twins had just learned how to stand and we’re currently using Thane’s suit pants to pull themselves up. Scarlet, noticing them, grabs a piece of her freshly cut cake, leaning over and holding it out to Xavian which is Rhen’s middle name. Thane had picked his name while Leon demanded he got to pick
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Michelle Kaye
Such a good story loved it
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Sharon Henry
This was. very good book. I enjoyed reading it.
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Deb Warren
AMAZING BOOK!!! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait for the next one!!! You are so talented and I always look forward to reading the next!!! You had me crying a few times during this one. I was so happy you had a great story with Leo!!!
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