The bad boy craves me
The bad boy craves me
Author: Jt

1. Unexpected.

My senior year of high school has finally arrived. I'll be on my way to college and out of this hell hole in a few months.

I've come a far way at Williams field high school without much recognition what so ever. I like to class myself as a very smart girl when it comes to my studies but I prefer to cover it up.

I desperately try my best not to get much attention because at my school you'll have to be a tough cookie to survive.

I was of medium height with long blonde hair, smooth tan skin, and bright hazel eyes mostly hidden under my sweatshirts and big nerdy eyeglasses to hide the attention I get mostly at my appearance but it was safe to say that any attention I got from a guy would lead to them scurrying off the other day as if I had rabies or something.

I always hated the feeling of rejection but told myself it was necessary for the greater good.

There were two classes of students who went to this school. It was like a food chain. The ranking system. The good and the bad nothing in between.

The first at the top of the ranks would consist of the popular students such as the deranged cheerleaders, snobby rich students, the football team, and the gorgeous Greek gods which I call the bad boys.

The second group consisted of nerds, crazy, the freaks, the outcasts, and the average students who are desperate to be seen by the popular students and be favored upon.

Then there is me Annabella walker. I try my best not to fit in with both crowds although you could say my appearance would go with the lower class but that wasn't the case because my parents have money which would put me at the top of the ranks but not everyone knew that and some did which led them to be a bit confused about my status.

But that just led them to ignore my presence which I was completely glad about.

There was just too much attention and expectations that came with been a popular kid but on the other hand, the lower ranks were treated like peasants.

They are given hundreds of homework by the popular kids and walked all over. There's so much more pressure on the intellectual ones, the nerds. They get up to twenty home works done for the popular kids daily!

All those years I've been getting average grades to survive from been bullied by the popular jerks as a nerd or a know it all.

But not this year and I'll be damned if I lowered my grades for a bunch of pessimists. I wanted to go out with a bang. I was determined to do my best and make my parents proud, this year was my year to shine!

I wanted to get into a great college and not just because of my parent's money.

I had been walking to my locker so I could get to the first period as I'd received my time table I then felt a hand swiftly snake around my shoulder.

"Hey baby, sup," said my best friend as he leaned up against the locker next to mine trying to act all cool.

Raising my elbow I hit Steffon in the stomach in which he doubled over in pain.

"I'm doing great actually," I told innocently while extending my hand for him to take.

"No shit Annabella couldn't you at least given me a heads up, remind me not to mess with you again" he winced taking my hand as I rolled my eyes.

He would only say my full name when he was angry, oh well.

"Stop acting so dramatic, it's not as if your gonna die. I should have hit you where the sun doesn't shine instead" I snapped mumbling the last part to myself and giving me a great idea!

"It still hurts and stop calling me Steff I told you not to call me that, it's a girl's name"

"Whatever........Steff" I taunted smugly.

"And to think senior year would've made you a little more mature" he sighed shaking his head and making me giggle.

This time we decided to follow everyone and head on to our first class.

"So I have math's for the first period and science for the second," I told him looking over my timetable.

"Ugh, I have arts for my first period and science for my second as well, we'll meet up for lunch after that"

"Well aren't you the intelligent one" I mocked slightly pushing him to the side just then the bell rang.

"I know right" he replied playfully shoving me back and making me collide with a wall.

Or just Regina.

"You stupid freak!" Regina the head cheerleader screeched on the ground her minions quickly helping her up while the few students that were left in the hall started to gather around.

"I'm so....." before I could say I'm sorry her hand collided with my face.

Fucking hell this bitch hand stung like a.a....well like a bitch!

Turning my very frightened face around to a seething hot Regina and her minions that were ready to pounce for their queen bee.

And I not wanting to get on her bad side tried my very best to apologize because let's face it, who wants to start their senior year on the receiving end of the school's biggest bully. Or was it already too late?

"You stupid bitch how dare you push me to the ground?!" She barked gritting her teeth, her blond hair and fake blue lens making her seem even more frightening.

"It's not her fault Regina I was the one who pushed her so-" Steff butted in but was rudely cut off.

"Were you given permission to speak outcast?" one of her minion's Becky sassed.

"No, but-"

"I didn't think so" she mocked glaring at the both of us with distaste.

"Your lucky I have a class to get to but don't you think even for a second you'll get away with this!" she gritted nudging my shoulder with her's and walking away with her three minions behind.

Yeah right everyone knows the only reason she would've gone to class is that the "bad boys" would more likely be there.

The rest of the students who stood watching scurried off to their classes also.

"Let's just get to class" I spoke before Steff would apologize and not wanting to be extremely late for class.

Unfortunately, I just had to have the same class as Regina. Just great.

And as usual, we would take a seat in the second row to the front not wanting to be seen as a nerd who sat to the extreme front. The back was always reserved for the popular students.

"Ok class let us all begin we all know each other so there's no need for introductions let's turn to chapter twenty-seven in your textbook and yes we're gonna be starting with algebra," Mr.Ford said uninterested making the whole class groaned.

After about twenty minutes of algebra, Mr. Ford spoke.

"So whose able to tell me the answer to the equation on the board"

Ok, this is it Anna's time to make a good impression, this is your year I chanted before raising my hand. Along with the nerds.

Soon after I heard snickering, "Of course leave it to the nerds to figure out the answers" Regina taunt and almost everyone busted out into fits of laughter.

The only ones who didn't laugh were a girl that sat beside me and the bad boys sitting at the back watching me intently making me cower a little and of course the nerds.

"At least they're smart enough answer so be quiet" Mr. Ford shushed her as she turned red yet again another embarrassment. He then pointed towards me to answer the equation. Both of us receiving a glare from Regina and the others.

That's the first time I've ever seen him stand up for a student normally he'd just look uninterested.

I then gave my answer to the teacher that was precisely correct which earned me a small nod.

"Of course the nerd would've gotten it right that's their only purpose after all" Regina mocked while the class laughed as well.

"Stupid bitch it's not my fault your brain is vastly deteriorating" I mumbled to myself.

"Hey, she's not worth it" the girl beside me whispered grabbing a hold of my hand that was now curled up into a fist.

She's right if I was to pick a fight with the popular students I'd be dead meat until I was able to graduate.

I wanted to say something but then that would be the end of the senior year I was completely frustrated with my pathetic display of the best senior year.

"She's such a teacher's pet and look at what she's wearing, she has got to be a homeless pig" Regina mocked making the class laugh even the nerds too.

"Or maybe even a prostitute who knows" she went on getting the whole class worked up.

I've had enough "That's funny you should say Regina because clearly, I'm not the one whose busy sucking on cocks every chance I get!" I snapped.

And that people was the perfect start of my Senior year in high school.

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