2. A disheveled Mess.

I was sure that the next thing to come would've been me making the headlines for the most stupidest kid in high school.

Instead what I got was a harmony of loud gasps but what strangely caught my attention we're the all so famous grumpy bad boys laughter filling the room.

All heads snapped in there direction to look at the most popular guys in school anyone would've paid a million bucks just to see these guys smile much less to laugh.

Even the teacher stood amazed at the sight his eyes bulging out of his head.

A small smile etched upon my face as I gaze upon the so called bad boys Kristrin Slovac, Kyle Bower and the twins.

Kristrin the leader as everyone calls him dressed in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and a black denim jeans, his thick black hair styled to perfection, thick muscles prominent within his clothing and a perfectly chiseled face made him look definitely like a hot bad boy or playboy for that matter.

While his best friend Kyle had a dark skin tone, very tall with a slender body that could die for he was more of a supermodel type girls drooled at him.

The next were the twins Marco and Maurice Steele popular for there modelling career at a young age of fifteen very tall and slender with blonde hair and ocean green eyes. There more of the playful type but one wrong move and your screwed.

I was so caught up at steering at the most gorgeous and sophisticated guys in school that I almost didn't recognize a steaming hot Regina and friends glaring dagger's me.

Was I making the right decisions of getting on the school's queen bee most hated list? Surely not.

As the bell decided to ring I made a dash for it not waiting for Regina to humiliate me any further or for the teacher to send me to detention.










It was now lunch and all I wanted to do was to hide and never show my face again I wanted to just go home and cuddle in bed with my baby brother Antonio and watch movies.

Was I a coward for hiding? Yes but behind that my motive was to graduate high school in one piece! And Regina and her minions were making that hard for me soon she's gonna turn all the popular kids against me.

You might be wondering why not just transfer to another school well this school is my parents alma mater and one of the top school's in New York.

Stepping forward I decided to head to the cafeteria for a quick snack and pretend none of this had happened today but the bloody idiots decided now was the best opportunity to gossip as I'd walked in and to top it off Steff had to go to the bathroom leaving me to face it all.

"There she is I heard she told Regina that with enough make-up she could be a demon from the bottom less pit"

"I heard she told Regina that her mom slept around............a lot"

"She told Regina that her father was a drug lord and that she's ordered her dead!.........."

"Maybe I can get her locker when she's dead"

I groaned as I had stepped into the line filled with students, everyone parted way for me giving me a sympathetic look.

Of course word had gotten out about me and Regina. Bad news spreads faster than wiled fire after all and no one wanted to be seen with me to get dragged in to the cross fire.

How could I have let this happened?

Taking my lunch I went to the furthest corner of the cafeteria but even students nearby hurried away.

This was bad.

Do you know how It felt? I felt obnoxious. This is how I normally feel when I got too nervous or too excited making me want to go to the toilet on instinct.

"Hey Ann...a your completely pale anna breath" I heard Steff beside me ushering me to breath making me finally release the breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"Steff you shouldn't be here what if they.. what if they" I trailed off picturing horrible scenarios of what Regina and her gang might do.

"Anna stop overreacting nothing's gonna happen to you I'll be here to protect you" he tried to reassure me.

"Do you see how their looking at us" I asked casting my head low not wanting to be overwhelmed by the amount of attention we were getting.

"So they do that all the time" he shrugged acting as if it was nothing.

"Yeah but with the popular kids not us" I told dumfounded at his lack of interest.

He grinned looking at me "Look at it this way your climbing the top of the food chain your now one of the popular kids"

"And how is that suppose to make me feel any better I hate attention you know it makes me feel!" I whisper yelled.

"We've been best friends since diaper days don't you think I know that and how are you suppose to overcome your fears if you don't face it"

"That's the least of my problem my main problem now is trying not to be too overwhelmed so I won't do anything embarrassing in front of a thousand students and also not trying to get killed" I whispered.

We we're so caught in up our little fuss that we didn't even see when Regina and her possy stop right in front of us it was only when the room got quite we took notice, the room went silent all eye's was on us including cameras.

"Look what we have here" Regina spoke loudly enough with a smirk on her swelled plumpy pink lips.

Her and Kristrin must have been at it again.

"I- look I didn't mean what I said before Regina" I stood up trying to justify myself a small lump was now forming within my throat.

"You should have thought of that before acting all smart bitch!" she yelled then took my lunch emptied it upon my head.

Load gasps then fits of laughter could be heard afterward.

"What the hell let go of me! Regina I swear to God if you lay as much as even a finger on her I'll make you regret it!" I heard Steff yelling as he was held back by the football team of Jason and Scott who were sneering at me.

"Who said I was going to lay a finger on her" she laughed without humor.

Next thing I knew her friends took there lunch and smudged it all over my face and clothes.

"And that's not all slut I'll make sure your life's a living hell paybacks a bitch" she spat smugly before walking away.

I was now on the verge of crying as fresh tears threatened to spill. Gosh I hate that my heart is so weak and I tend to cry a lot.

Loud laughter could be heard and all I wanted to do was disappear I ran out the cafeteria and to the bathroom ignoring Steff yelling my name.

I didn't even know when I had reached the bathroom but ran right into the door or so I thought.

"Fuck" I heard a gruff voice mutter as I was now on the ground with an injured bum.

Looking up I realized I had bumped into a very hard chest which belonged to no other than Kristrin the hotty of all hotties he was accompanied by his mates.

Why can't I have a break I seemed to be pissing off the wrong persons lately especially the popular one's!

"Who the fuck is this?" I heard Marco asked no one in particular.

'Isn't that your bella' I could've sworn I heard Kyle whisper.

I was too embarrassed at my appearance in front of the school's bad boy's to even look up and I was starting to reek with all the different food I was sporting.

"Get up!" I heard Kristrin yell. Immediately I got up not wanting to anger any more of the popular students especially not the bad boys.

"Who the fuck did this to you?" he asked and I almost swooned but coward away due to his anger directed at me.

"I asked you a question didn't I and I'd hate to repeat myself again" he angrily spoke taking a dangerously slow step towards me.

"R...Regina did it" I stuttered out feeling a lot scared he might hurt me although Regina and Kristrin wasn't a thing but they sure do have a history together.

I now had hiccups from the tears streaming down my face.

He quickly stepped asides with the other members as he gave me one last glare.

'I'm going to kill her' I could've have sworn I heard Kristrin mutter before aggressively storming off towards the area of the cafeteria.

It seems I maybe hearing voices also because that would never happen.

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