4. What the hell just happened.

I was a like nervous kitten as today my dad would introduce me to his business associates some of the most richest in the world would be there and that by itself was intimidating and nerve wrecking.

Knowing that all the attention would be on me wasn't quite going well with the tingly feeling I was getting at the pit of my stomach.

I've always managed to stay away from dad's business events but unfortunately tonight was an exception.

I took a second glance at the mirror. My then lengthy straight blonde hair curled to the side, my baby pink dress tightly fitted from the top to the waist and frilled to the bottom above my knees my six inch nude stilettos fitted perfectly. I did a light makeup with some mascara and added my nude lipstick for my last touch up I was now on fleek.

I smiled at that, innocent with a little seduction.

I then headed down stairs to meet my parents so I could get the day over with. The only reason I wasn't freaking out was because Steff would be there to my relief.

"You look beautiful hun" my mom gushed twirling me around while my dad stood scowling at the length of my dress.

"I think your dress is too revealing you look like a wrapped candy ready to be popped" my dad spoke surprising me.

"Really thanks Dad!" note the sarcasm.

"That wasn't a compliment now go change!"

"Hun she's almost eighteen she's not a child anymore" mom sighed walking away towards the door.

"But don't you see the length of her dress, it's way too short!" he whined following behind her.

"No it's perfectly fine now let her be in peace" my mom answers dad.

And that's how we ended up reaching at the ball...... arguing he could be a frustrating man sometimes.

"Anna!" I heard my name being called by a familiar voice from behind as I and my family entered the ball.

"Steff!" I yelled relieved hugging him tightly to me.

"Woah if you weren't off limits I'd definitely take you to my bed tonight you look beautiful" he smirked eyeing me up and down.

"As if and your not so bad yourself Mr" I said patting him on the shoulder I don't know what I'd do without him!

"I'm so glad your here I'm already feeling tight on the inside" I whispered in his ear nervously.

He then gave me a wide grin an spoke"You naughty girl, don't tell anyone but I'm also long on the inside too" At this I blushed of course he would make it out that way.

Luckily my parents were ahead of us.

"I..I didn't mean it like that!" I whisper yelled flushed.

"Come on you'll be fine" he spoke taking my arm and pulling me along.

Steffon McCollum and my family were great friends my mom and his mom went to college together that's how they met dad and Bob who were best friends at the time, Bob's Steff's father.

"Here she is the girl of the moment" Mrs McCollum said with a very bright smile and wide open arms her very tight black dress clung to her like a second skin and brown wavy hair set free.

"You look beautiful my beautiful god daughter" she gushed.

"You look stunning as usual Mrs McCollum" I smiled earning a tight hug from her. She's always treated me as if I was a princess.

"How are you kiddo" Mr McCollum asked with a small smile his curly black hair neatly done.

"I'm doing great sir" I spoke with the best smile I could muster up nervously his presence always gave off dominance.

"Dear stop calling us Mr, Mrs and sir your making us sound so old it's Bob and Lisa remember we talked about it?" he spoke gesturing between him and Mrs McCollum.

"Sorry old habits die hard I'll try to remember that next time" I spoke sheepishly.

It was the least I could do I basically lived at there home anyway.

Mrs. McCollum is a fashion designer and bob was a respected lawyer both very famous for there work in New York city.

As I took a look around the massive ballroom it was beautiful elegance could be seen all around everything was in gold decorated for royalty.

The ball was filled with rich and elegant numerous individuals dressed to impress and flaunt about how rich they were.

The mere fact that I'd be introduced to them turned me off it was quite looking quite imitating.

I could see a couple of students from school food aligned to the left side of the room hall as my eyes glowed surely I needed a big bag to stash some of it.

I mean I was skinny and no matter how I'd try to put at least pound on it would go nowhere some would call it great geans but to me it was a curse.

"Anna, lisa!" my thoughts were shortly interrupted as I saw a model walking towards us. She was accompanied by a bulky man and......Kristrin?

If It wasn't for the fact that I knew Kristrin went to high school I'd surely mistake him for a business man. He was dressed in a all black suit with a black bow, thick black hair done neatly to perfection sleek gold watch hanging loosely on the wrist.


I couldn't help but drool at the god like man walking towards me.

"Its so good to see you here!" the woman spoke giving Mom and Lisa a hug and a small wave to the others.

"Thanks for inviting us" mom spoke up.

"Well you guys are close friends and one of our most trusted business partners after all"

"And this must be Annabella" she asked gesturing towards me a small smile playing on her lips.

She was wearing a beautiful blue ball gown dress mostly see through covering her private areas she had elegance and class that much was for sure.

Surely enough the man beside her was her husband matching her with the same colored blue suit he was thick both reeked of power making them a lot intimidating.

"Annabella this is Mr and Mrs Slovac your father's business partners" mom told.

My dad was business partner with Kristin's father and I didn't know about it! You've got to be kidding me.

"Your beautiful I finally get to meet the famous bella I've heard so much about you" she gushed "I'm sure you've met my son Kristrin"

Kristrin stood there looking at the end of my dress before looking up with a scowl on his handsome face.

God not him too!

I blushed furiously looking towards the ground the boy was a replica of his father but with adoring features of his mother.

My stomach twisted into knots as I struggled to gain composure the sudden spot light made me feel uneasy and surely enough if I did not get away soon I might do something I'd regret later.......and this moment.

"Uh..yes of course I have do please excuse, I have to go the bathroom" I stuttered out nervously hurrying away to the direction I thought would be the bathroom without waiting for an answer.

The thought of making eye contact with Kristrin seemed too much to handle and the fact that I must of looked like a tomato didn't help.

A couple minutes later after searching for a bathroom in this massive house I gave up and decided to head back luckily I was able to tell where the noise was coming from.

"Bella" a husky voice said from behind as I froze.

Slowly turning around and was met with the most breath taking and beautiful silver eye's of Kristrin.

"Kristrin" I heaved out my lungs feeling constricted with the sudden lose of air.

"Beautiful..." he asked looking directly at me for a moment there I though he'd meant.....No it can't be!

Must be the interior.

"W..what are you doing here?"

What kind of questions was that? This was his mansion after all. I wanted to smack myself.

I quickly closed my eyes trying to compose myself breathe I chanted before reopening them to see Kristrin looking at me intently.

"Come here" he whispered extending his hand for me to take.

Oh god should I go?

I hesitated what did he have to show me? but then again what did I have to loose? Virginity?......yep.

Slowly placing my hand within his he led me up a couple stairs to a balcony beautiful wasn't even words to describe how I felt as I gazed upon the scenery before me.

It was a massive garden filled with different colored lanterns, couples dancing underneath the night sky filled with stars as musicians played harmonously, it was most magnificent.

"Amazing.... isn't it?" he whispered on the back of my neck towering over me from behind.

His proximity close very close as I could feel his hot minty breath fanning the back of my neck. My hair set to the side giving him more access.

Was he speaking about.......No.

I quickly closed my eyes trying to set my attention back to the scenery before me instead of how close he was. If he took this any further I wouldn't be able to stand for much longer.

I then heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a gush of warmth spreading across the back of my neck " sweet" he whispered in my ear seductively.

I shivered at the contact of his hot breath. what's happening to me?

Could he be......No! Stop thinking that way Even I'd want more of this scenery.

I needed to leave quickly before I did something I might regret plus my parents might be looking for me.

"I s..should be going" I whispered but failed to move as his hands quickly circled around my waist possessively holding me against his broad and muscular chest.

I gasped feeling conscious at the position we we're in. His sweet yet manly cologne enchanting me as I subconsciously leaned within his touch biting my lip to stop the mouthy moan I would no doubt make.

My nerves seemingly almost gone.

"Kristrin?" I whispered after a long pause contemplating if I was within a dream.

At this he released his possessive grasp around my waist I took this as my opportunity to swiftly move my wobbling legs and body away from his reach.

I took a last glance back at the boy who stood staring at me smugly.

"Soon princess...Very soon"

I blushed furiously then sped away into the direction of the music but couldn't help but to think.

What the hell just happened?

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