5. Everyone's a ditch.

“Maria!” I yelled super excited once I saw my best friend inside the airport her eyes darting around in search for us.

“I’ve missed you so much!” she yelled equally ecstatic yanking me into a bone crushing hug. Her curly brownish black hair flopping up and down with her hazel eyes shining brightly.

“We have so much to catch up on” I told her as we made our way to my parents.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Walker” she spoke giving them a shy wave as they greeted each other.

We carried on until we had reached home ate dinner and was now chit chatting like there was no tomorrow spilling every single details about each other. Well except the part I didn't want to tell her about Kristrin and I which I thought was no big deal getting her all worked up over nothing.

I sat there giving her one on one tips about surviving at Williams field high from the ranking system to the part of not getting stumped on.

“I think someone's a little ecstatic to see you tomorrow” I smiled with a little wink.

“Who would that be it's not like anyone here knows of me” she spoke bewildered at the thought of someone she knew not of would be happy to see her.

“You’ll see” I said snuggling more into the warmth of my blanket.

“Well anyway am really tired I'd love to chit chat some more but I'd like to go to bed now” she sang sleepily.

She was super excited about her first day of school and wanted to sleep early to get as much beauty sleep as possible so she could make a great impression.

While I on the other hand fell asleep without a care in the world.


I hated waking up to go to school in the mornings but then again it was necessary for a better future.

I quickly took a shower pulling on a pink plain sweater and a black jeans with some black sandals and made my way downstairs to see Maria and Antonio there eating breakfast which I gladly joined.

Maria had on a tight skinny black ripped jeans with a blue crop top to go with it and some white sneakers with a good amount of make up she must certainly wanted to make a great impression but hey who am I to say.

Filling my taste buds with chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon and orange juice would always make my mornings a happy one.

As we decided to leave and head for school we came across an excited Steff outside our house waiting for us........ Or should I say Maria.

“Steff!” I yelled happy to see that my best friend was here to pick us up for school.

“Anna” he replied pulling me into a hug but as I was about to make my way to the front seat he quickly opened the door allowing Maria to saunter in.

Groaning I and Antonio made our way to the backseat been completely ignored as he spoke only to an excited Maria about school. Dropping off Antonio he then made a dash towards our school.

“Wow your school’s is really big almost like a castle this is like ten time bigger than the school I used to attend to back home!” Maria said gazing outside the car window.

“Yeah it is and it's even more bigger on the inside” Steff countered grinning like a mad man.

“I can give you a tour if you'd like we're actually fifteen minutes early?” he asked with a little pout.

“Sure why not!” Maria replied both exiting the car leaving me behind.

And like the trolley that I am I just strolled behind as they came to an end of there most fascinating tour.

“Let’s go and collect your time table” Steff’s annoying voice said while putting his hand around her shoulder and holding my hand.

Goodie! Now I'm the tag along monkey....well at least he remembered me.

“Here’s your schedule child” the lady at the admin office gave with annoyance laced upon her face.

“Your in my math class” I pointed out peaking at her time table. Her second period would be music that means we'd all be in separate classes.

We quickly made our way to first period remembering that Kristrin and Regina we're both in my math class but at least I now had Maria with me to chit chat with.

“Oh my God correct me if I'm wrong but there's four super gorgeous guys sitting at the back of the class what the hell are we doing up here!” she whisper yelled to me.

“You remember the bad boys I told you about?”.

“They are.....” she trailed off.

“Yep you see the twins they are Maurice to the left and Marco to the right and the one in front Maurice is Kyle and then you have Kristrin he's the gang’s leader as everyone puts it” I spoke watching as Kristrin ruffled his hair while talking to his friends.

What I'd give to run my damn hands through it!

“Remember to stay clear trust me maria there trouble” I reminded her for the seventh time since yesterday.

“Do you see the blonde beside Kristrin? She's Regina the school's queen bee and also Kristrin’s....pass time” I voiced bitterly turning around in my seat.

Ugh such a clingy bitch! She was always around them.


If you asked me he could do so much better than her!

“Ok class turn to chapter sixteen in your text book......ohh seems we have a knew student” Mr Ford spoke looking directly at Maria.

“Would you kindly introduce your self miss....”

“Maria my name's Maria Walker sir” she shyly spoke quickly standing up.

“Welcome Maria and I assume your related to Anna” he asked curiously gesturing between the both of us.

“Uh yes we're actually cousins”

“Good as you see your a week late so I'd expect you get the notes from Anna” Mr Ford spoke strictly returning to the board.

About half an hour into class as I and Maria did our math together I received a text from an unknown number.

What now!

Unknown number: ‘Hello princess’

Me: ‘Who the hell are you?!’

Unknown number: ‘Now now princess let's not be rude’

Me: ‘I asked you a question didn't I and stop calling me princess’

Unknown number: ‘Let's play a little game’

Me: ‘I don't have time for games! Good bye!’

Unknown number: ‘My hot minty breath filled the sweet tingly taste of your neck my hand held you tightly as I gazed upon you brightly you'll be mine sooner than you think soon princess....very soon’

Where had I heard those last four words before...... Kristrin!

My widened eyes quickly snapped to the back of the class assessing the silver eyed culprit that was staring back at me with a smirk on his handsome face making me blush.

Me: ‘Kristrin?’

Unknown number: ‘Took you long enough’

Me: ‘How did you get my number?’

Unknown number: ‘I have my ways princess’

I blushed at the nickname the school's bad boy gave me but then frowned at the fact that he was texting me.

Why would he be texting me?

“Ok either your gonna tell me who you've been texting or am gonna have to rip it out of you” Maria whispered trying to get a glimpse at my phone.

“It's n...nothing” I stuttered out quickly slipping the phone within my back pack.

“Okay” she trailed off knowing that I was definitely hiding something but not wanting to push the matter further.

The bell rang signalling the end of class making me sigh with relief. I hurriedly dashed towards the door not waiting for Maria but the question still remained how did Kristrin get my number?

Praying to God I wouldn't have come across Kristrin in the home room call me a coward but I'd like to keep my intestines intact thank you. And thankfully I had no class after this with Kristrin.

For my second period I had science with steff fortunately for us our teacher was absent with no substitute we gladly chit chatted until lunch came.

Awhile ago I had received a text from Maria saying she wanted to eat outside because she preferred being outdoors.

We both grabbed sandwich’s with chicken nuggets, juice and an apple while we waited for Maria to grace us with her presence at the bench which we sat at outside.

“It’s been ten minutes and she still hasn't showed up do you think something's wrong”

I'm pretty sure that nothing was wrong with Maria or she'd have someway made us know. I also didn't mind eating outside anything’s better than eating your lunch without watching Kristrin and Regina go at it in the cafeteria. The thought of them sucking face made my stomach churn.

After another long ten minutes of unanswered call and texts we decided to eat lunch not wanting the bell to ring with an empty stomach.

“I see you and Kristrin have hit it off” I quickly looked away as I felt my face tingle.

“No it's just a coincidence!” I yelled defensively stuffing my face with my sandwich.

Wait...what would he know I never told him anything.

“Hmm so what were you doing after you disappeared the night of the ball then came back almost an hour later looking flushed?” he asked curiously.

“I-I got lost” I half lied.

He smirked as if he knew what I had been up to “sure” he replied.

“I can see you've been clinging onto Maria like a second skin” I teased trying to change the topic that had my poor heart running a heptathlon.

“What you saw was nothing I was just making her feel a little more comfortable” he blushed.

“Yeah am sure your hands were doing just that” I retort back rolling my eyes nervous more like ecstatic.

I wanted to tell him off about him ditching me and leaving me all alone but that would be selfish of me and since it was Maria’s first day at school. And it seems he's not the only one doing all the ditching today.

“I think we should go the bell’s about to ring and I don't want to be late for class” I told.

We stood at our lockers taking our books for next period before the bell rang. I'll be doing food for my next period and I was super excited for it I loved baking and I wasn't gonna let Maria get me down.

“She was the one who suggested it she better have a good explanation for not been there”

“I can't believe she ditched us without even replying to our texts” Steff ranted pissed.

“Um hey guys” Maria said timidly coming into view.

“Maria where were you? I thought you said you wanted to eat outside and....” I was rudely cut off as Regina and her friends high pitch cackling rang out loudly as she pushes me to the side. Luckily Steff had caught me just in time.

“Maria we had so much fun at lunch today so we decided to throw a party this weekend for the new addition to our squad make sure to be there!” Regina sang with a fake laugh on her stupid face.

Leaving I and Steff shocked at her new found revelation.

She fucking ditched us!

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