7. Unfriendly Queen Bee's.

The screeching sound of a whistle made us know our P.E teacher had arrived.

"Come on you lazy gals ten laps around the field!"

"But Mrs-"

"Make it fifteen!"

I glared dagger's at the stupid bitch Regina she knew exactly what she was doing. The guys stood across from us at the other end of the playfield flexing there most prized possession as the girls swooned at them.

She wanted to do more laps so she could get a better view of the guys while showing her big boobs and tightly fitted skirt.

Everyone knew not to get on Mrs. Crocker's bad side and she did just that.

Meanwhile I wanted to stab anything in my path because I was pissed!


Turns out the moment I shared with Kristrin the night before was only a dream. That hot chocolate shake was even haunting me in my sleep! Why couldn't have the kiss be real?

I'd have to say that was one of the best dreams any girl could have at this point in there lives.

I took another glance at where the boys stood and caught the sight of Kristrin pl
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