11. The Art of Beauty.

"Anna?" I looked up from the position I sat on the bed watching the new movie Hobbs and Shaw that made me cry of laughter to be met with Antonio, Maria and Steffon standing at my door step.

"Oh hey guys" I smiled at Antonio and Maria ignoring Steff.

"I bought you some sweets so you could get better soon!" Antonio yelled running into my arms holding a pack of Snickers.

"Wow, thank you my ant boy" I grinned kissing him on the cheek.

"Your welcome" he smiled and gave back his brightest toothy grin while holding his hand out as I placed one in his hand.

"How you doing cous?"

"A lot better than before thanks for asking" I told Maria.

"No problem anyway I'll go and give you guys some time, come on big guy" he spoke taking a hold of Antonio hands who was reluctant to go.

I turned back to Tv before me as if it was the most important thing I'd ever seen.

"Come on are you gonna ignore me, your best friend?"

"Best friends don't ditch their friends in time of need" I spoke not turning t
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