18. Lunch with the bad boy's.

"Stop that" I groaned slowly walking to lunch period, hissing in tenderizing pain as Steff felt the need to hurry to the cafeteria.

"I'm starting to believe you didn't actually fell off that bed of yours" Steff replied eyeing me suspiciously "Surely falling off a bed doesn't give you two days of scrutinizing pain"

"Well it did, now can we change the topic I'm hungry" I grumbled unhappily strolling towards what seems to be a long cafeteria line.

After going through a very violated yet pleasurable punishment Kristrin made sure to take the gift Sebastian had gave me. I'd have been surely out of my damn mind if I fought him over it.

Sadly lying had to be in place as I had to refrain from spewing utter madness about getting spanked by none other than the school's bad boy. My morning was more disappointing as Kristrin hadn't showed up for maths class leaving my state of mind in a bloody mess of turmoil. Greedily I wanted to get a glimpse of him but would never admit it.

I sighed, at least
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