49. Congratulations are in order.

"Oh my God did we just won?" I asked shocked as I was going through unimaginable emotions.

The entire stadium was in silence. No one would dare to move or say a word and as the final whistle blew the score board clearly showing that Williams field has won the game.

And as the football team began to roar the stadium began to cheer as our side had won the match fair and square. I felt Steff shaking me out of my shocked state.

"They did it!" He cheered on.

It was then that I had realized that we had actually won the game and I got up from my seat cheering for our winning team especially my boyfriend.

"They did it!" I was out of words as I saw my Kristin being carried by the football team across the field.

"Anna!" I turned around to see my smiling parents and also my baby brother Antonio.

"You guys came" I hugged all three at once.

"We've never missed a final game at our alma mater before why should we now especially when it has everything to do with Kristin and the others" Mom said gush
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