50. Kristrin's girlfriend.

"So have you decided on who you're going to take to the highschool ball next Saturday?" I excitedly asked Steff as I shoved my books inside my locker.

"I haven't actually, after your cousin I'm a bit appalled at the moment of asking anyone to the ball." Steff shuddered making me laugh.

"I'm sure there are plenty of nice girls who attend our school Steff. It's such a special occasion for everyone, you know." I said out loud.

"Woah, is this Anna speaking? I remember you being very shy just a few months back and now suddenly after Kristrin arrived your all and your all girlfriend and boyfriend, your suddenly no longer the shy Anna I use to know." He teased.

"And is that such a bad thing?" I smiled knowing he was absolutely right.

"No it isn't, I'm actually a bit jealous if you ask me. You found prince charming so why can't I find a Cinderella?" Steff sighed.

"And you will, I promise you this." I held onto both his shoulders trying to assure him.

"Finally won haven't you? Stealing people'
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