52. King and Queen.

I opened the door to see my boyfriend perfectly fitted into his black suit with bow tye. Indeed he was a drool-worthy sight to see.

I on the other hand was dressed into a shimmering baby blue dress with a thigh-high slit and a sweetheart neckline.

"Princess." His sweet nickname for me rang in my ear.

"Hello my handsomely dashing Kristrin." I teased tipping on my tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek even though I was in stilettos Kristrin was still slightly taller than me.

But before I could do so Kristrin quickly turned around to face me and immediately my lips landed on his sweet ones.

I smiled in his kiss as his hand went around my waist pulling me to him.

Before we could go any further we could hear my father clearing his throat behind us.

"Mr. Walker." Kristrin greeted while I held onto his arm.

"No later than 1:00am." My father sternly spoke while my mom captured pictures of Kristrin and I together.

"You won't be disappointed sir." Kristrin politely agreed.

"I think Kristrin has p
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