Chapter 9 : Torture Begins.


Maria jerked up from her bed when she heard the sound of the door being opened. She couldn’t believe that she was actually thinking it, but damn, she was excited to see him. She was actually anticipating this round of questioning.

He had not been here in the past four days and although Edgar had been giving her her regular meals, she still felt restless. She wondered if maybe her captor was starting to get frustrated by her answers and had decided to stop questioning her altogether.

She wondered if maybe he had decided to kill her seeing as she was of no use to him. But he wouldn’t feed her if he planned on killing her, would he?

But then when the door slid open, it wasn’t him that walked through it, neither was it Edgar—although she had not been expecting him. The point was that, it wasn’t anyone she knew.

They weren’t people she knew.

Two leanly built men traipsed into the cell, both blondes, and the looks on their faces told her that they hadn’t come to chat with her.

She sa
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