Chapter 13 : A Sorcerer Visitor.


If the man’s aim had been to pique Bran’s interest, then he had succeeded and that was the only reason he was still breathing right now.

Bran’s heart raced in his chest in hope, but his instincts told him that he should be careful. He knew better than to easily believe this strange man. For all he knew, the man could be lying to him.

And Bran was in the absolute worst mood to deal with a liar.

“My sister?” Bran asked, releasing the pressure on the man’s neck in order for him to speak.

“Yes.” The man gasped, choking. “Princess Iris.”

Bran’s face tightened in anger at the mention of his sister’s name and pain lanced through his heart. Without knowing that he was doing it, his fingers tightened around the man’s neck to the point of constriction and the man’s eyes bulged out so much that he thought they were going to pop out.

He dropped his hands and the man staggered back several steps, clutching his neck as he dragged in breaths both through his nose and his mouth. Bran didn’t spa
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