Chapter 14 : You're A Failure.


Today was taking the lead in being one of his most shitty days.

From the bar to the spineless sorcerer and now, to this.

Bran’s eyes followed his wuss of an uncle as he paced across the room, his mouth moving with his words. The man had not shut his mouth once since Bran came and Bran was starting to have a headache. Honestly, this could have been avoided had the man dropped a notice that he was coming.

Like the other times, Bran would simply have the guards tell him that he wasn’t around and his uncle, as always, would yell at them at the top of his lungs, before tucking his tail between his legs and storming back to whatever shithole he came from.

He probably knew that was exactly what was going to happen, which was why he didn’t bother letting Bran know beforehand that he was coming.

The sneaky little piece of shit.

His uncle, Elijah, swiped his hand across a surface. “Is this dust?”

Bran cocked a brow as if to ask ‘so what?’

“When last was this place cleaned?”

“I fail to see
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