Chapter 73: V-Card, Gone.


Bran let out an 'oomph' from the impact of her body on his, but he was remarkably strong and only staggered back a step before recovering quickly and gripping her ass, hoisting her high on his body.

She wasted no time in wrapping her legs around him, locking them at his back and with the leverage she now had, dragging herself up and down over his growing erection.

The knot of her towel loosened and fell apart at the top which meant her breasts were now bared and her nipples dragged against the fabric of his shirt with every up and down movement she made. The sensation only made her all the more crazed and what she wanted most in that moment, was Bran's hands on her. Her hair, breasts, everywhere.

What mattered was that he had his hands on her.

"Touch me," she whispered against his lips, biting down on his lower lip and tugging. "Put your hands on me. Please."

A ragged groan tore from Bran's chest and suddenly, his head shot forward, stealing her lips in a consuming kiss, bef
Anya Ivy

Hi! I am so sorry that the chapter 72 got published thrice and that some people people might have purchased it already before noticing. I sincerely apologize and hope that they can be deleted as soon as possible—because only the app can. Anyway, if I knew that you guys liked sweet moments between the Maria and Bran, then I would have given you a lot more. I thought you all liked Maria's wisecracks!

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Anya Ivy
I hope he isn't either, haha
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Angel, he said. Awwww so romantic. I hope Bran is not the bipolar type.
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Anya Ivy
I am so glad you like it, Callie! Soo excited to continue their story!

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