Chapter 74: Unwelcome Visitor.


Was this what it felt like to sleep next to a woman? Or did the light feeling in Bran's chest have to do with the fact that Maria was his mate?

He suspected it was the latter.

Mere sleeping next to a woman should not have this effect on him. It should not be so pleasurable to the extent that Bran didn't want to leave the bed.

He'd just returned to the castle after a very very long time away and he needed to sit with the men at the round table and have some important discussions—one of them being about the supposed vampire that had drunk from a witch—but Bran had not the slightest inclination to leave the bed. He didn't even want to shift from the spot he was lying on.

And the sole reason for his reluctance lay with her body half on the bed and half on top of him.

His heart clenched as he looked down at her, a feeling of happiness and contentment filling his chest.

She slept soundly, her little breaths gusting across Bran's chest and her mouth, slightly parted. The upper part
Anya Ivy

What if I say we're getting closer to the end of the story? ;)

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Anya Ivy
Haha I'll try!
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ommmggg I didn't send my comment. If this will gonna end soon, can you create a very painful fate to Elijah and Ariti? pleaseee
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Anya Ivy
Thanks for letting me know! One has been deleted now :)

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